What's the Best Way To Sell a Used Car?

Published July 13th, 2021 by Cash For Cars Desoto

Judging by statistics, it's clear Americans like to buy and sell cars. In 2019, Americans closed more than 62 million sales and leases. More than 40 million of those sales involved used cars. 

But not all of those sales resulted in good deals. If you want to make money off of your car, you need to know the best way to sell a used car. 

What are the advantages of selling your car to a friend? What is trading your car like? What exactly does a cash for cars service do? 

Answer these questions and you can sell your used car for maximum profit. Here is your quick guide. 

Word of Mouth 

The simplest way to sell a car is through word of mouth. Talk to a friend, neighbor, or work associate about your used car. Ask if they are interested in buying it. 

This method requires quite a bit of preparation. You need to find a good price to sell your car at.

You should check car model pages and understand what the asking price is for your car. You then need to learn how to get a good deal

You need to find a good person who will buy your car. They should have enough money to buy it from you on the spot. 

You can go the route of putting a "For Sale" sign in your car and parking it out front. But you may get less money than you want. It will take a long time for someone to come by and find your car. 


You can bring your car to a dealership and trade it in for a new one. This involves little hassle.

It takes little time to talk to an employee and figure out a deal for your vehicle. You can then drive off the lot with a new car. 

But a trade-in means you must have a new vehicle you want to get. If you are looking to make money, you won't make too much. 

Cash for Cars Services 

Cash for cars services are not dealerships. They are companies that specialize in buying old cars from consumers. 

There are several benefits to going to a service. Many services have websites where you can make deals. You can sell a car online without having to stop by an office. 

Services do not impose limitations on make or models. If your car is broken down, they can recycle or sell your car for scrap. They attach no hidden fees during the sale. 

Get the Best Way to Sell a Used Car 

The best way to sell a used car may surprise you. Many people sell their cars through word of mouth. 

But you need to know what the asking price of your car is. It may take some time to find a trustworthy buyer. 

You can trade your car in. But you will not make money off of it. 

If you want to make money, you should go to a cash for cars service. They will buy any vehicle for a lot of money. 

Don't let your car get rusty. Cash for Cars DeSoto serves Dallas County. Contact us today. 

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