Do You Have a Junk Car? Here's How to Tell

Published August 6th, 2021 by Cash For Cars Desoto

Cars are more than just a way of getting around. They become part of the family. That can mean that admitting you've got a junk car can be hard. 

But how can you decide if your old clanger is finally destined for the junk car buyer? We've put together an easy guide to help you make the right decision.

Read on for how to tell if you've got a junk car.

It Meets the Legal Definition

Interestingly, the term junk automobile is actually described in US law. In a nutshell, it means any vehicle that can't be operated on public roads or one that has no value, except to a junk car buyer for parts or scrap.

If your car is a non-starter, it easily meets this definition. But how can you tell if it has no value except for parts or scrap?

Cost More to Repair Than It's Worth

If your car is more than ten years old, you need to question the value of carrying out repairs.

If you've got serious engine problems - severe juddering, engine cuts out and dies - get the cost of the repair assessed. Compare it with the current value of the car in good condition. If the math doesn't work, then the cash for cars option is probably right for you.

Small Bills Are Adding Up

If you find yourself heading to the repair garage more often than your favorite taco stand, you've got a problem friend.

These might not be major bills - a couple of hundred bucks here and there. But if you're constantly repairing little niggles, and they're never completely resolved, it soon adds up to a major headache.

Newer cars need fewer repairs. Stop searching for mechanics, and start searching for cash for cars near me.

Your Car Was Totaled

If you got in an accident and your car was declared a total loss, you can keep it and repair it. But totaled means that the insurance company didn't think it was worth repairing. If you do choose to fix it, it may also get a salvage title.

This can make it hard to sell in the future. A junk car buyer can take a wreck off your hands, whatever the condition.

Other types of accidental damage may also mean your car is not worth repairing. Storm damage and flood damage can wreck a car. Time to look out for 'We buy junk cars' signs.

Cash for Cars DeSoto - The Junk Car Buyer for You

If you've decided you do have a junk car then a junk car buyer is what you need. A quick search will bring up junk car buyers near me will bring up cash for cars in Desoto, TX. But choose one that will take it off your hands in a hassle-free exchange and pay you a fair price.

At Cash for Cars Desoto, we buy cars running or not. We'll give you a fair deal of your every depreciating asset.

Contact us today to get things rolling.

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