Cash for Cars: Top 5 Reasons to Try Cash for Junk Cars

Published October 28th, 2021 by Cash For Cars Desoto

Are you looking for a way to put some extra cash in your pocket? Let's face it, you're deciding on whether you want to fix up that car in the driveway.

Although, the amount of money and labor that has to be put into it won't be worth it. Thankfully, you don't have to do any heavy lifting because there are companies that will give you cash for junk cars. 

Cash for Cars Desoto takes in all makes, models, and cars in any condition. They are fast and will pay you cash upfront. Read on to learn about why you should try cash for cars. 

Cash for Junk Cars

What's the definition of a junk car? According to the official code of U.S law, it's a motorized vehicle that has been sitting for more than 14 days. It also needs extensive amounts of repair to operate or is unable to be driven a distance of 20 ft under its current operative conditions. 

A "junk car" also refers to cars that are extensively damaged, inoperable, three years or older, or without current registration or license.

Does your car meet these criteria? There are plenty of more ways to tell if you have a junk car; let's dive into the benefits of letting it go.

1. Quick Cash

Earning extra cash can be beneficial to almost everyone. This money can help towards bills, any expenses and can even be put towards a new car. Even if your junk car doesn't look like it costs anything, you'll most likely get a few hundred dollars for it. 

Cash for Cars Desoto Tx buy cars running or not.

2. Better the Environment

When a car is sitting stationary for a while, it releases dangerous chemicals and may end up leaking. Leaks can then contaminate the water supply and be hazardous for nearby neighborhoods and ecosystems. Letting your car sit can be life-threatening.

Cash for Cars takes your car in and re-uses its parts which reduces pollution when it comes to mining and manufacturing new metals.

3. Save Money

Selling your junk car will help your pockets. Putting endless amounts of money into a car that is inoperable is not worth the trouble. With all the repairs, maintenance to upkeep it, and new registration fees, it's best to sell it.

By trading your car for cash, you can now reallocate the money you would have put into the car somewhere else, like bills, trips, and personal expenses. 

4. Convenient

If you privately sell your car, you'd have to figure out how to get it to the buyer. This usually involves towing, which can cost you roughly $125-$450 out of pocket. When you sell your car to a junk car buyer, they haul your car away for free.

This saves you time and puts a few extra hundred dollars in your pocket instead of stripping you of a few hundred dollars.

5. More Space

A car takes up a lot of space, and by letting it go, you can now give your children more room to run around or park other cars in that space. Also, if your car has been sitting there for a while, it has become an eyesore. Selling your car can physically and visually enhance your curb appeal.

Get Cash for Cars Today

Cash for Cars is a great way to start fresh and earn some quick money in the process. We offer cash for junk cars in any condition, and we're only a call away. Be sure to contact us for a free quote and quick service. 

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